New date: 30 years Channel Zero #3


22/01/2022 - 22/01/2022

New date: 30 years Channel Zero #3

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In 2022, Channel Zero will have been on stage for exactly 32 years. So the band wants to celebrate, together with its fans, in the equally legendary Brussels AB.

Channel Zero can already look back on 7 studio albums. 7 metal pearls of which 'Unsafe' and 'Black Fuel' are undoubtedly the classics par excellence that have produced epic singles such as 'Black Fuel', 'Help' and 'Suck My Energy'. Over all those years, live, the band has blown away pretty much every European festival and toured the world with international artists like Body Count, Megadeth, Danzig, Biohazard and Kiss.   

Musically, Channel Zero has taken a memorable international journey over the past 3 decades, many ups but there downs too. During this festive evening, the band looks back over its glorious past – with its joys & sorrows but (especially) with heaps of great, loud music too!

Come join the celebration and discover all the surprises and special guests Channel Zero has in store for you during this unforgettable evening! In any event, it is sure to be the metal party of the year!

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