New date: An Pierlé Quartet


15/12/2021 - 15/12/2021

New date: An Pierlé Quartet New date: An Pierlé Quartet

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In 2017 the two young, terribly talented jazz musicians Hendrik Lasure & Casper Van de Velde (SCHNTZL) came to record their eponymous (and critically acclaimed) debut album with producer Koen Gisen at La Patrie Studio’s in Ghent. The frequent hanging together in the kitchen where An Pierlé provided them with food, made them eager to play music together. In the simplest of Jazz Traditions this collaboration was aptly named the "An Pierlé Quartet".Pierlé's compositions are deliberately left completely open to leave enough room for experimentation and improvisation, but are also solid with the clear steadiness and hooks in the melodies. Gradually, the quartet composes more and more new material together, searching for a tension between pre- composed songs, and a playful but serious search for adventurous music, reinventing songs over and over again in the moment and daring to take it to a new direction. It’s a work in progress with a love for beautiful melodies and some psychedelic grooves.In the meantime, the Quartet provided Fabrice Murgia's critically acclaimed theatricalcinematic show "Sylvia" with a much- appreciated jazzy and spherical, but occasionally wild soundtrack. In November 2019 the live album "Sylvia" will be released in a limited vinyl edition. It is conceived as a radio play to better capture the energy of the performance. Come and see, come and see!

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