New date: Hollow Coves


06/06/2022 - 06/06/2022

New date: Hollow Coves

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Hollow Coves is the Australian core-duo of Ryan Henderson and Matt Carins. They were to fill the AB Club with their wonderful interaction in May 2020. The killjoy was, of course, that Corona virus. But Hollow Coves returns (not to an empty cavern, but to a full AB Box!?) in June 2022. The countless fans who had already bought a Club ticket, and held onto it, can still use it to enter this Box.Good news? That was also the intention with their album 'Moments': "We wanted to continue to write songs that could help to shine light and bring a bit of peace into people's lives. I guess in a way we wanted the album to be the music equivalent of some sort of new-age retreat where people might go to sit still, renew their mind, and shift their focus to something more positive."

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