Notre Dame The Musical


15/12/2018 - 16/12/2018

Notre Dame The Musical

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The “Little Rascals” (Le Piccole Canaglie) are back with the classic historical play: Notre Dame Msical based on the novel by Victor Hugo, with words and music by Geppy Amoruso, directed by Denise Monas and historical supervision by Silvia Mostaccio. Peforming will be 70 “Little Rascals” who have worked with enthusiasm and passion on the construction of the characters! et in 1482, the musical tells the story of a Cathedral and of the Illegal Immigrants who invade the streets of Paris. Now, as it did then, history repeats itself . . . his sets the scene for the love story of Quasimodo the bell ringer, and the beautiful gypsy, Esmeralda. But other stories, other feelings, are intertwined: the desperation of Chantefleurie, the obsession of Frollo, the ambition of Phoebus, the spiteful Fleur-De-Lys and the courage of Clopin; all under the looming stare of the bells and the gargoyles of Notre Dame. The motto of Paris, “Fluctuat nec Mergitur” (“beaten by the waves, but does not sink”) is interpreted in the reality of today’s world . . . outcasts, refugees and migrants roam our seas in search of dry land.

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