Oumou Sangaré


14/06/2022 - 14/06/2022

Oumou Sangaré Oumou Sangaré

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Oumou Sangaré is a more than sweetly-voiced, ravishing, socially-engaged Malian singer.The girl that once sold water on the streets of Bamako, has now had a very successful artistic and business career. Many recordings can be found on countless cassettes, of course, but her most recent Mogoya project is still quite remarkable: not just one CD but a true triptych, with firstly the original, high-tech release then followed by a remix version with the likes of Sampha, St Germain, Malik Djoudi ... all the way down to that sample by the Beyoncé team for The Lion King!Add to that the third, “unplugged” or more acoustic version of ‘Mogoya’ and it allows us, after about 30 years of showbusiness and barricades, to hear an Oumou Sangaré in her most purest essence: unadorned but crystal clear, and patently obvious in the views that this woman still must take. We eagerly welcome this grand, benevolent lady on her 'acoustic tour'!

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