Performing Art - Noé Soulier


22/03/2019 - 23/03/2019

Performing Art - Noé Soulier

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Now that bodies are occupying more and more museums, choreographer and philosopher Noé Soulier is presenting an opposite movement: what if instead of bodies, the artworks themselves adapted to a new space? Performing Art presents twenty pieces from the collection of the Centre Pompidou. You do not see them as you walk through a museum, but from your seat in the theatre. The actors are members of the technical staff at the museum, and they unpack the artworks onstage following a strict procedure.
How does looking at the installation of an artwork influence your perception of it? Do the technicians’ practical actions change the viewers’ perspective, as if they are watching a choreography? Does the theatrical context affect the aura of an artwork? Various media are used in this production: photography, painting, sound, video, and installations. Furthermore, Soulier has selected both fine and applied arts to address questions about the everyday vs. art. In Performing Art, the ‘Performing Arts’ are not manifested as the ‘art of performance’ but as the ‘performance of art’.

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