Peter Downsbrough - DIGITAL FILMS


06/06/2019 - 30/06/2019

Peter Downsbrough - DIGITAL FILMS

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In conjunction with the exhibition Peter Downsbrough at Botanique (06.06.2019 – 18.08.2019), Argos presents a selection of 10 short films Downsbrough has made since 2003. Ranging in duration from 1′ 45″ to 19′ 30″, these works provide an essential link to the artist’s current production.
Brussels-based Peter Downsbrough (born New Jersey, USA, 1940) has developed a highly distinctive, strongly cohesive body of work that includes sculpture, drawings, photographs, films, videos, books, wall pieces and room pieces, architectural maquettes, and sculptural interventions in public space. Frequently heightening his famously sparse visual vocabulary with an equally sparse linguistic component—often just a single word—Downsbrough calls attention to a vast landscape of structures both physical and social, cultural and political—that shape modern life.
This programme is a collaboration with Botanique. A ticket purchased at Argos gives free entrance at Botanique and vice versa.

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