Pneuma - Ictus


18/12/2019 - 18/12/2019

Pneuma - Ictus Pneuma - Ictus

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While silence can be intimidating and evoke a sacral atmosphere, breathing fosters connection. In the immersive concert Pneuma, Ictus has radically opted for breath. An accordion becomes a lung, the flute a larynx. The result is a subtle soundscape that unfurls across the space, and you can decide on the distance from which you want to experience this (breath)taking event.
In his Second String Quartet #2, Jürg Frey transforms each chord into a long exhale, while the musicians softly hum along to the music they play. In Breathcore, Michael Schmid and his ‘choir of breaths’ explore the ephemeral sound of breathing. And Sylvie Melis envelops this and many other pneumatic experiments with a lightscape of escaping photons.
• The Brussels-based contemporary music ensemble Ictus has been a regular guest at Kaaitheater for many years. This year, the ensemble is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Michael Schmid presented Breathcore at the Kaaistudios in 2017, during IN/FINITY.

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