Punto de Vista


18/01/2019 - 20/01/2019

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CINEMATEK is happy to welcome the international film festival Punto de Vista which takes places each year in Pamplona, Navarra. Since 2005, this has become one of the best documentary festivals in Europe.
It's a moment of celebration, discovery and analysis of cinematographic forms generally grouped under the name of 'documentaries'.
In this accelerated and uncertain era of social and political changes, it seems that the only way not to lose track is to return to the encounter. In this search, cinemas – in the plural – as physical and imaginary places, become essential refuges for the exploration of the unknown, as they challenge and encourage us to continue drawing unthinkable paths. Punto de Vista has always offered a space for reflection and shown works of a mixed and hybrid nature. Its screens, far from being windows on the world, are canvases on which all possible experiences about of reality fit.
CINEMATEK’s tribute is a sample form the 2018 edition of the festival that, under the artistic direction of Garbiñe Ortega, tried to find connections that otherwise could go unnoticed, approaching non-fiction in an expanded and freeway.
This Brussels festival is composed of four programmes showing a selection of the official competition, with the latest films (including many awarded by the jury) of Kevin Jerome Everson, Jorge Jácome, Jonathas de Andrade, Rosalind Nashashibi, Margaux Guillemard and Deborah Stratman. We also highlight parallel programmes and special sessions such as Things Said Once, an interdisciplinary performance around documentary, on and outside of the screen, by artist and writer Esperanza Collado.
Correspondences - Films as Letters shows the possibility of an epistolary exchange through film.
Placing the body, an approach to corporeal cinema, opening up a dialogue between contemporary and historical works by female directors and New Resistances Post 68, two programmes that invite, post-May 68, a reflection on the possibilities
of reinventing a new language of protest.
Punto de Vista will live in CINEMATEK for a few days. It's an invitation to look differently at reality
and to think collectively about reality, in order to know how to transform it.

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