Regarde les Hommes Tomber


12/03/2022 - 12/03/2022

Regarde les Hommes Tomber

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Since 2013, Regarde Les Hommes Tomber, are turning the metal scene upside down with their dark musical universe and their immersive and intense concerts. They have played on prestigious scenes ranging from Hellfest to the Eurosonic Festival last January, renowned for hosting the future of European music. Their strength is to bring together extreme metal fans as well as those addicted to more progressive sensations.
The metal band from Nantes returns in 2020 with a new opus "Ascension", signed to Season of Mist. Their latest track, "A New Order", evokes the dark and dark spirits of black metal. RLHT is the band to follow if you want to live an end-of-the-world atmosphere thanks to their powerful music with destructive breaks.

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