Ride Upon The Storm


12/12/2018 - 12/12/2018

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LUMIERE PRESENTS RIDE UPON THE STORM 2 In the presence of Adam Price (the star creator of the Danish political success series Borgen)Adam Price brought a breath of fresh air to European series with his 2010 release BORGEN. Now he’s back with the new season of RIDE UPON THE STORM, with Lars Mikkelsen (HOUSE OF CARDS) in the lead role. The action of this ambitious series takes place on the interface between intimacy and politics, to a background of faith and commitment. The Danish Krogh family has a long tradition as ministers. The father is going for the position of bishop of Copenhagen. Christian, the eldest son, continues his vain search for satisfaction. The youngest son, August, is married and is a minister in a church in the capital. They are all trying to find their way, between the straight and narrow and eternal damnation.In partnership with Lumière, Arte and The Danish Cultural Institutes>>> BUY YOUR SCREENINGS ACCESS PASS

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