Rise Up: Poetic Memorial 2019


20/03/2019 - 20/03/2019

Rise Up: Poetic Memorial 2019

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The interactive poetry project Rise Up started out with a question in the lead-up to the first anniversary of the Brussels terrorist attacks: can poetry play a part in discussing what has happened, and in healing together? It became a story of many layers, that we gladly keep writing year on year. Poem by poem we are building a Poetic Memorial in which a multitude of voices resound. Poetry – simultaneously vulnerable and powerful – as a means of dialogue between people who inhabit the same city, but seldom come into true contact with one another. 

Rise Up stands for the city's resilience, strengthened by encounters. After a trajectory of pre-workshops in various neighbourhoods, organisations and associations, participants from all sorts of backgrounds unite for a weekend-long multilingual poetry workshop. Sukina Douglas, who developed the first two editions of Rise Up, is passing the torch to Pitcho Womba Konga. The results of the workshops can be witnessed on 20 March in the intimate setting of our Brazza-bar. 

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