River Jazz Festival : Hermia/Ceccaldi/Darrifourcq


15/01/2019 - 15/01/2019

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Music characterized by extremes and with an amazing and joyous scope travelling through uncontrived outbursts of tenderness to whirlwinds of rage.
Valentin Ceccaldi is the new revelation in the world of the cello in Europe. From experimental jazz to great classical orchestral pieces, his rough attack of the bow and refined pizzicati add a luminous sound to everything they touch.
He performs here with his great partner Sylvain Darrifourcq who, after some remarkable collaborative ventures, has created his very own unique and creative, mechanical and physical universe inhabited by his own projects.
Together, they weave the ideal canvas for the interlocking sax of Manuel Hermia, an adventurous saxophonist who travels the whole spectrum of world music whilst continuing to fly the banner high for the primal scream of a furiously libertarian (or free) jazz.
All three defend the notion of ​​music without borders, and take their inspiration from all kinds of music.

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