29/03/2019 - 30/03/2019


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The world changes quickly! Especially in the city, where new people and art forms stream in constantly. KVS wants to transfer the wildly interesting artistic undercurrent from the streets to the stage. For that purpose, SLOW – Slam Our World – combines urban word art with theatre. For each SLOW-session, we welcome a different international guest. After a residence of a few weeks in Brussels, the artist shares the KVS stage with local artists, in a brave and vulnerable attempt to distil the colourful, multifaceted soul of our city into verse. 

In SLOW#04 we build a magical bridge between Brussels and Mexico City together with performance poet, literary scientist and activist Rojo Córdova. Mexico City is an impressive place, formed by countless cultures – from pre-Hispanic traditions to the contemporary urban culture, and everything in between. This mixture of “cosmo-visions” creates one of the most inspiring metropolitan contexts in the world. It’s precisely this wealth of stories that Mexico shares with Brussels, and that Rojo – one of the central figures of the Mexican slam scene – will transform into SLOW#04. 

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