SUPAFLY w/ Elotomi + DJ Mab'ish


24/11/2018 - 24/11/2018

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Mab'ish is a complete artist who strives to create her art under different hats. Member of the label Beat X Changers, an inveterate dancer, resident on the radio "Le Mellotron" with Santo, she is also an events’ organizer. Mab'ish has more than one string to her bow, she is a great platinist, and got a lot of different vibes in her record bag. Her DJ sets travels across hiphop, soul, house, disco & broken beat, focusing to make you groove and dance! Recently, she has also created her youtube channel in which she showcases vinyls and dance: Le Cercle By Mab'ish! 

Elotomi is a polyvalent artist. Talented singer, rapper and songwriter, she is a brutalism and minimalism lover, so she focus on the big picture as much as she’s living for details. Her craziness and individuality are undeniable and her influences eclectic yet classic : Lauryn Hill, Billie Holliday, Sinead O’Connor, Thom Yorke, Nai Palm and Little Simz have her heart. Her thematic is her own subconscious, so she travels between Narcisse complex and ego trips, perspicacity, absurd dreams, allegories, traumas and illuminations, with the most genuine sincerity. Femininity and feminism are a central part of her work and reflection as well.

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