Sarah Carlier


01/12/2019 - 01/12/2019

Sarah Carlier

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Born to a Belgian-Congolese dad working as a professional guitarist and a poet/writer mum, it was always on the cards that Sarah would end up embracing a life in music and writing. The day she turned 16, her dad gave her an acoustic guitar as a birthday present, an instrument she was familiar with after years of seeing him fretting chords. The spark was instant, with Sarah, rather secretly, finding a means of expression and of opening up to other people in writing songs. Adding her own lyrics to the melodies she was crafting into songs, she tentatively posted her tunes on YouTube. Now, Sarah is ready to take flight again by going back to basics: her warm and captivating voice, embedded in a sun-drenched groove, her spontaneity and creativity.  As the fruit of her regained freedom, this 4th album "Shy Girl" is intuitive as much as it is structured. Sarah has moved away from the guitar/vocal set-up which she adopted to come up with and share ideas with musicians, to create arrangements as a band. She is now doing her own pre-production on the computer to directly infuse the songs with the kind of texture she is looking to develop. 

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