Simple as ABC #3: The Wild Hunt - Thomas Bellinck / ROBIN


21/05/2019 - 28/05/2019

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Who deserves to be hunted prey? Who can be killed with impunity? Who was designed by nature to be enslaved? For centuries, revered European thinkers from Aristotle to Voltaire and Hegel have attempted to justify systemic violence against ‘the other’. Inspired by Western mythology and workshops both inside and outside Europe with people who have practical experience, Simple as ABC #3: The Wild Hunt explores the historical DNA of the ever-intensifying hunt for humans.
The Wild Hunt is the third instalment of Thomas Bellinck’s growing series that examines the Western migration machine. It follows a theatrical essay about cutting-edge detection technology (Man vs. Machine) and a documentary musical about the digitalization of migration management (Keep Calm and Validate).
• Theatre director Thomas Bellinck’s works always contain pointed political commentary in a variety of forms. In 2017, he presented his most recent production Simple as ABC #2 at Kaaitheater. This season he is also reprising Memento Park, now that the commemorations of WWI are coming to an end.

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