Steve Paxton : Swimming in Gravity


23/03/2019 - 31/03/2019

Steve Paxton : Swimming in Gravity

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Steve Paxton’s visit to Brussels is a precious opportunity to meet this dancer, choreographer and teacher whose work has been of such influence in the world contemporary dance and who continues to inspire generations of dancers and choreographers today. Steve Paxton’s presence is in response to the invitation from Contredanse to celebrate 15 years of collaboration that have led to the release of Paxton’s first book Gravity and its French translation La gravité as well as Material for the Spine, a movement study, now available online. The event Swimming in Gravity will be governed by gravity and our relationship to this physical force – the central theme of Steve Paxton's work.
In collaboration with several cultural venues in Brussels, the program includes an exhibition, a lecture by Steve Paxton as well as a round table, within the LEGS festival, on inheritance and transmission. Like an outstretched hand, this event is an invitation to enter the dance, with Steve Paxton.

In the framework of Brussels, Dance !

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