Sufi Night


26/10/2019 - 26/10/2019

Sufi Night Sufi Night Sufi Night Sufi Night Sufi Night

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The twelfth edition of Sufi Night takes us to Senegal and Turkey. Sufism was introduced into this West African country as early as the 12th century, and it is still vibrant today. We therefore welcome Sheikh Papa Djimbira Sow, an extraordinary performer of Qasidas (odes of praise to the Prophet), and member of the Qadiriyya brotherhood. Another prestigious guest is renowned Senegalese author, composer and performer Jupiter Diop, who, accompanied by members of the Baye Fall brotherhood, will present their famous chanting ritual sitting in a circle. Finally, the Istanbul Turkish Historical Music Ensemble, acclaimed specialists of traditional Turkish music, will introduce the audience to the devran ceremony. To learn more about the sublime world of Sufism, visitors can also attend a screening of the film A Thousand and One Voices, and a conference by Dr. Bakary Sambe on “Islam and Sufism in Senegal”.15:00 LES MILLE ET UNE VOIX film by Mahmoud Ben Mahmoud16:45 MAHMOUD BEN MAHMOUD talk17:30 DR. BAKARY SAMBE lecture19:00 ÖMER TUGRUL INANÇER talk20:00 ISTANBUL HISTORICAL TURKISH MUSIC ENSEMBLE concert21:10 BAYE FALL ritual21:45 PAPA DJIMBIRA SOW concertBaye FallFounded in Senegal by Sheikh Ibrahima Fall, Baye Fallism is a branch of Mouridism, which stems from the encounter between Muslim religion and Wolof culture, and whose members, the Baye Fall, take a vow of poverty and dedicate their life to work and prayer. One of their main practices is dhikrullah, during which men, women and children perform incantations and chant prayers in circumambulation for hours on end. As part of Sufi Night, musician Jupiter Diop Baye Fall will present the incantatory ritual accompanied by a Baye Fall kourel.The Istanbul Historical Turkish Music Ensemble: A Khalwatiya ritual in memory of GodOne belief permeates the lives of the Sufi: God is ever present amongst humans. In a symbolic ceremony of remembrance, men first sit in a circle that recalls the original union between man and God. A second part symbolises the human adventure, as participants rise, hold hands, and slowly make the circle rotate, echoing the circular motion of physical matter. They continue their circular dance as the tempo accelerates. During Sufi Night, the ceremony will be performed by the Turkish Historical Music Ensemble, an internationally renowned group of about 40 performers directed by Ömer Tugrul Inançer, and one of the specialists of Turkish musical heritage.Film: Les Mille et Une VoixTunisian director Mahmoud Ben Mahmoud takes us to the heart of the Sufism mystique in his film A Thousand and One Voices. We discover the great diversity within Islamic music, from Senegal to Indonesia, through Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey and India. By presenting the finest forms of Sufi art, the film reminds us of the power of Sufism and music, and their importance in the fight against religious fundamentalism.

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