The Blank Placard Dance, replay - Anne Collod / Anna Halprin


13/10/2018 - 13/10/2018

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A day before the municipal elections, a parade of people dressed in white marches through Brussels, accompanied by a brass band. They wear white placards with no slogans. American choreographer Anna Halprin created Blank Placard Dance in 1967 as a protest against the Vietnam War. ‘What are you protesting against?’, passers-by would ask the dancers. ‘What do you want to protest against?’ they would throw the question back at them.
Anne Collod recreates this performance with participants from Brussels. She thus explores Halprin’s utopian thought around protest and collectivism in today’s context: what is the importance of collectivism in a radically individualist age?
• In 2008, French choreographer Anne Collod came to Kaaitheater with parades & changes, replays, an adaptation of the legendary 1965 piece by Anna Halprin. In 2015, she presented The Parliament of the Invisibles here, another contemporary interpretation of a historical dance, the ‘danse macabre’ or dance of death.

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