The Great Gatsby Immersive


14/03/2019 - 26/05/2019

Il contenuto non è disponibile in Italiano, perciò viene mostrato in un'altra lingua.

Welcome to the world of 1 920's jazz, cocktails and excess in this extraordinary production of F. Scott Fitzgerald's seminal tale of lust and liquor.

After five movies and innumerable plays, The Great Gatsby lmmersive takes you deeper into the story and closer to the legend than ever before.
In our secret speakeasy in the heart Brussels (with parking!), you will live your own version of the classic tale. You will embark on an adventure with the actors and roam through the home of Jay Gatsby.
The production is full of red hot jazz, bootleg liquor and intimate encounters. From big set piece dance routines to illegal gambling and from secret meetings to snatched moments. After this, no audience experience will ever be the same.

A night of singing too loud, dancing too hard and reaching too far for the things we cannot grasp.


The location (centrally located in Brussels) will be sent to the participants shortly before the show. Parking is available and can even be reserved .

The shows will be presented alternately in Dutch, French and English. Be sure to book the show in your preferred language! There are only 200 tickets available per show. Participants must be at least 18 years old.

And remember… dress to impress old sport.
Let the twenties roarrrrr, like they never did before!

Sold out on 14/03 and 21/03

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