The School of Speculative Documentary - SYMPOSIUM


25/02/2019 - 25/02/2019

The School of Speculative Documentary - SYMPOSIUM

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How can we rethink the documentary in art in terms of content, form and method? How can we be inspired by the paradox that as soon as you attempt to approach reality in a documentary way, it immediately evaporates and mutates? How can we wrest the documentary from its disciplinary divisions and develop strategies that escape formatted market thinking? How can we take our responsibility for mechanisms that determine what can or may be observed, seen, heard, said, thought, made, or done? And how do documentary makers themselves deal with their own positions (of power) and blind spots?
The School of Speculative Documentary is an interdisciplinary space for encounter that seeks to question the documentary act. Creators take the floor to discuss uncertainty and guesswork, to confront the unfixable holes in their work and the messiness of reality.

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