The beer and chocolate tour


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We will first stop by in various chocolate shops where you will try amazing samples.
Crunchy hazelnut, dark ganache, salted butter caramel, as well as ginger, tea, coffee, saffron or chili... Forget what you already know, because you’re going to be surprised!
Unique to Brussels, the chocolatiers are always experimenting with new flavours, textures and cocoa bean types.
The second part is a Belgian Beer tasting session that will take you to bars around Grand Place and in a beer shop. It's a great way to discover small taverns and mix with locals.
You will sample beers that are all completely different and all specific to Belgium.
Abbey beers, Trappists, Lambics, Krieks, Belgian IPAs, Triple Blonds, Double Browns... you name it!

During the tour, you will also learn about the city history, discover hidden corners and wander off the beaten path.

•Walking tour of the city center.
•Chocolate tasting tour in the most exclusive chocolate makers of Brussels (minimum 10 chocolates).
•Beer tasting session with overview of Belgian beers styles in bars and a beer shop in the city center (minimum 6 different beers).
•10% discount in two chocolate and beer shops in the city center.

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