08/06/2021 - 11/06/2021


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The father sits in a strange, sunlit retirement home, surrounded by other old people. His daily activities are interspersed with memories and regret. Age hinders awareness, gets in the way of understanding, rhythm becomes hampered and passion tempered. Everyone fades bit by bit. 
The ‘oldies’ are encouraged to sing songs and learn verses. In this micro-society, everyone gets a turn to speak. Everyone is given a chance to unburden their hearts, scream old anxieties or free themselves from one nostalgic pain or another. With love, they look back and try to rekindle the passions of the past. 
Now and then the children visit their father. They ask, question and blame. Theirs is a particular energy that sees to it that what was always left unsaid is suddenly discussed. 
The father must consider what he wants to leave for them: the beauty of life or a tragedy? Inheritance becomes a chance to reveal a deeply hidden secret. The hour of truth has come – but maybe it’s time to push the tables and chairs aside and dance? 

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