Vertèbre - Cie Michèle Noiret


03/04/2019 - 06/04/2019

Il contenuto non è disponibile in Italiano, perciò viene mostrato in un'altra lingua.

This time, Vertèbre - created and danced by Michèle Noiret herself in 1989 - is entrusted to dancer Sara Tan. In a mutual sense of curiosity and desire for exchange, pieces from this typical solo from the choreographer's repertoire will be adopted in their original form, while other pieces will be reinvented and infused with the personality and creativity of the new performer.

In the middle of the stage, between two rays of light suspended like wires, we witness the metamorphosis of a strange creature clinging to a chair upside down: a black silhouette with gloves on and with strong, insect-like limbs. Hunched, she clings to her pedestal in search of balance before trying to fly out. When she finally comes loose, there is an explosive zest for life, the desire to overcome the evil and noise of the world that weigh her down.

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