WORKSHOP théâtre - collectif CHTO DELAT [RU]


22/04/2019 - 27/04/2019

WORKSHOP théâtre - collectif CHTO DELAT [RU]

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Performative laboratorium and a learning play with the Collective Chto Delat: Nina Gasteva, Olga Egorova, Dmitry Vilensky.

" It looks like we’re living in a time of emotional upheaval; we trust our reason less and less and rely ever more on our feelings.
What is truth and what is not no longer depends on reasoning, but rather on the overwhelming emotional impact on our dialogue partners.
Emotions (embodied in body language, for instance) are sometimes not considered appropriate in serious debate and somehow compared with a language used by subalterns and the oppressed; this current move toward emotions could also be considered as a liberation.

We can witness this in the emergence of the culture of emoji and gif-animations in our everyday interactions. These ideograms are routinely used in social networks and personal online communications."

In this workshop, a group of artists will discuss and enact these phenomena in relation to different concrete events in our public and private lives as chosen by participants. At the end of the workshop the group will make a presentation of its collective lexicon and demonstrate its use, based upon the collective interactions during the workshop.

--- COLLECTIVE CHTO DELAT (RU) (“What is to be done?”) was founded in early 2003 in St. Petersburg by a workgroup of artists, critics, philosophers, and writers, with the goal of merging political theory, art, and activism. Chto Delat sees itself as a community organizer for a variety of cultural activities, intent on politicizing “knowledge production” through redefinitions of an engaged autonomy for cultural practice today.

22 > 27.04.2019
LOCATION : Les Brigittines
LANGUAGE : English

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