Wat (niet) weg is


13/02/2019 - 17/02/2019

Wat (niet) weg is

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A whiteboard eraser. An ink pad. Printer paper.

Those were the starting point for the creation Wat (Niet) Weg Is. A performance about missing, the human memory, and what stays behind of things that pass. 

A letter to Mr Jef Colruyt serves as a playful quest for answers to unanswerable questions. How do you best deal with loss as a person and as a society? How long is mourning allowed to last? Is it any use keeping and remembering everything? Can you lay down your life in image and text? And what happens to us when we die? 

Wat (Niet) Weg Is is a quest for comfort and answers, through science and personal anecdotes, in the form of a multimedia performance. Each spectator gets the chance to experience the story alone, through desktop images, interviews, and a personal tale. 

An impressively authentic debut from theatre creator Fien Leysen. 


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