Wolfgang Muthspiel Quintet


07/11/2018 - 07/11/2018

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‘A shining light of the contemporary jazz-guitar generation’ (The New Yorker)Wolfgang Muthspiel’s ravishingly subtle, refined sound and technical skill means he has often been compared with John Scofield, though he is no clone. In the early years of his career, he was often called the 'European Scofield', which is in no way an insult.There are worse things to compare a jazz guitarist to than John Scofield.  Early in his career, Wolfgang Muthspiel was often called the 'European Scofield': in no way an insult. But such a comparison also raises the bar and Muthspiel has no problem delivering on the promises. Nor is this surprising, as Muthspiel has won several international competitions for jazz and classical guitar. Muthspiel still often ventures into the classical genre, with compositions for the Hugo Wolf Quartet and Klangforum Wien among others. His ravishingly subtle, refined sound and technical skill are astounding. Not quite convinced yet? It may be worth bearing in mind that Muthspiel will be accompanied by Brad Mehldau’s rhythm section for his concert at BOZAR.

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