Zane Mellupe: Wutong* says: "Globalisation is over, we need to deal with consequences"


06/09/2019 - 09/11/2019

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Wutong* says: "Globalisation is over, we need to deal with consequences"

Zane Mellupe solo exhibition at ifa gallery, co-curated by Laurent De Meyer.

“Globalisation is over, we need to deal with consequences” by Zane Mellupe will contain artworks in ifa gallery with humans turning into trees and interacting with unsuspecting visitors in the urban space in the surrounding Ixelles/Elsene municipality. The central image of the exhibition is platanus acerifolia, a hybrid plane tree, which is a widespread shade tree in metropoles. The exhibition by Zane Mellupe plays on various semantic shades that hybrid plane tree has provided. Plane tree mutations serve as a metaphor of globalisation failure and human condition in contemporary world – hybrid, corrupt, succumbed to economic interests.

* The history of Fàguó Wútóng 法国梧桐 appears in Shanghai former French concession.
法国梧桐 means French Phoenix Tree or French Platanus, known in the western world as London Plane (a.k.a. Platanus × Acerifolia, Platanus Orientalis or Hybrid Plane). The species was formed by hybridisation in the 17th century.

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