Zwangere Guy afterparty w/ AB


29/03/2019 - 29/03/2019

Zwangere Guy afterparty w/ AB

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Zwangere Guy, does he need an introduction? Okay, it’s safe to come out from under your rock. Just do a quick bit of googling and then start camping outside the AB for his two (!) shows. The cherry on the cake: dance yourself ragged at a killer afterparty.

ZG in da house! You just know Brussels’ very own mayor of rap is going to tear it up at this live gig. And tonight you’re getting two for the price of (n)one as Zwangere Guy is bringing an equally great surprise act along for the ride. Before, in between and after the live shows, the DJs will come out from behind their decks to raise the temperatures in the Zilveren Zaal even higher. You better come early ;-)

this afterparty is totally frrrreeeee!

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