À la Mort Subite

À la Mort Subite À la Mort Subite À la Mort Subite

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We need to go back in time more than 100 years to explore the origin of this unusual name. Around 1910 Mr THEOPHILE VOSSEN ran an establishment called "LA COUR ROYALE". Amongst his many customers were a lot of employees working at the National Bank of Belgium. They would kill their time in the pub playing a dice game called "421". Before returning to the office, the employees would play a quick last game and the loser was called the "MORT SUBITE" or sudden death. Very soon this name became well known and THEOPHILE VOSSEN decided to rename his pub and beer: "A LA MORT SUBITE".
The tradition has been continued ever since. Today, the fourth generation of the VOSSEN family still serves the delicious Gueuze beers in the same establishment with the original 1928' decoration.

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