Beurs schouwburg

Beurs schouwburg

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Beursschouwburg is a multidisciplinary arts centre, situated in the heart of Brussels. It’s the perfect place for performances, screenings, concerts, exhibitions, debates, lectures, parties and a drink in the Beurscafé.

Beursschouwburg is recognized as a theatre which provides a platform for young and innovative artistes, thus it’s the place to discover the famous names of tomorrow.


Apart from a pile of attractively stacked bricks in the heart of Brussels,

Beursschouwburg is, for the time being, principally an inspiring platform for between-the-arts. Here, artists reflect, show, scrap and start again in an ongoing dialogue with thinking and creative Brusselèèrs. Beursschouwburg is a melting-pot and a thorn in the side, where art is served while it’s still hot.

Where, now and again, artists rattle the programming. Where there’s more to life than art. Where performance, celebration, encounter and craziness all join in a merry dance.

Beursschouwburg makes this happen by:

- making an exacting choice for younger artists (active in Brussels and far beyond)
- an integrated multi-disciplinary approach which aims to put the creative rather than only the artistic in the spotlight
- offering a three-speed programme instead of seasons or festivals
- providing an inescapable view of the city
- exploiting its central location as an open meeting-place
- sparking genuine and complementary (international) collaboration

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