Bip - Maison de la Région

Bip - Maison de la Région

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This centre, in the heart of the Mont des Arts/Kunstberg, is an essential tool for those who want to get to know Brussels (better). It informs tourists and everybody else looking for information about entertainment, cultural life, highlights and the places to be. It's a tourist information desk, an internet terminal, a tour departure point, a lounge, ... Throughout the year the Bip organises temporary exhibitions, shows, events and animations. You can (re)discover Brussels in a new light as you explore the breath-taking interactive and free exhibition “Experience Brussels”. Take in the sights, the sounds and the feel of Brussels in all its rich diversity!
A wide variety of meeting rooms can be rented, and it is also the seat of The Government of the Brussels-Capital Region.

Exceptional openings: 24/12 & 31/12: 9 am till 3 pm

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