Cafe - Laiterie Les Pecheries

Cafe - Laiterie Les Pecheries Cafe - Laiterie Les Pecheries Cafe - Laiterie Les Pecheries Cafe - Laiterie Les Pecheries Cafe - Laiterie Les Pecheries

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The Café and Dairy industry “Les Pêcheries” is the fulfilment of a childhood dream.

This 1904 building was originally a dairy that was also used as a café. The café became a favourite meeting place for the inhabitants of the neighbourhood.

Unfortunately, this building was heavily damaged in a fire, and stood unrepaired for 10 years.

Then one day 3 friends (Alain Gérard, Jerry Gendarme and Patrick Gelder) decided to take up a rather crazy challenge: to give these ruins a new lease on life and put a restaurant and “brasserie” into the old building.

The Restaurant “Les Pêcheries” has a unique setting along a large pond, in the middle of the “Parc de la Héronière”, a unique eco-park in Brussels.

The restoration of the Café and dairy has harmonized old and new materials. It is for its visitors a unique place combining comfort and delight.

The interior design theme refers to a sports club in which the three owners participate actively.

Each of them has brought his personal touch to the restaurant, and each is pleased to welcome regular customers as well as newcomers.

As regards the cooking, all the dishes are made from market fresh ingredients. Chef Nicolas Carlier creates new menu items every day.

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