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In need for meeting rooms that are stylish and utmost pleasant? Welcome at Chester&Fields, where meeting up is made comfortable, classy and easy.

In this "maison de maître", they can host your meetings in the Boardroom (up to 16 people), in the Study (up to 10 people) or in the Seminar Room (fit for meetings up to 30 people with no tables).

All amenities are available: projector, screen, flip charts, whiteboards, etc. Lunch is too, from tasty 'pistolets' to Josy's bio salads.

At Chester&Fields, they decided that meeting up should more then 'just' meeting up: so, they try to bring a bit of magic during your meeting day.

Discover different little magic 'touches' below:

Magic touch #1- Everybody's favorite: the yellow seat in the Study, ideal as a break out or relax corner. With exactly the vibrant pinch of colour you need when looking for inspiration (and don't hesitate to consult the management library if you really want to challenge your knowledge)...

Magic touch #2- Mad men style trolley: let Chester & Fields surprise you with their trolley, on which they can serve you some fresh fruits during your meeting sessions; or -if you are into an after meeting mood- mocktails can be part of the deal...

Magic touch #3 - The entrance: welcome in the beautiful mansion of 1915, with of course, some beautiful Chesterfields and the slogan " the magic starts here".

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The Boardroom 0 0.0 0 16 0 0
The Study 0 0.0 0 10 0 0
The Seminar Room 0 0.0 30 0 0 0
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