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In the district of the Marolles and more exactly on the square of the jeu de balle which becomes a free parking from 5 pm, here is a charming place in this very livened district. You will be welcomed for a quiet and a flavourful break noon or for a meal of a nice and gastronomic evening: In it’s rustic decoration, enjoy a healthy, light and delicious Mediterranean organic food.

The majority of dishes are Prepared The same morning. Everything can be eaten on the spot or taken away.

Tapas of different origin, salads, vegetarian dishes or vegan, dishes for the lovers of fishes or meats: Practically all the ingredients are organic and very fresh, with a clear preference for seasonal vegetables.

Closed: Mondays all day and tuesdays noon

Informazioni pratiche

  • Place du Jeu de Balle 16
    1000 Bruxelles
  • Cucine:
    • Biologico
  • Alloggi:
    • Bella atmosfera
    • Promozioni RestoBookings
    • Menù per bambini
    • Ristorante - sala da ballo
    • Enoteca
    • Parcheggio
    • Terrazza
    • Brunch
    • Lounge bar
    • Hotel
    • Colazione
    • Area fumatori
    • Cibo da asporto
    • Wi-fi
    • Catering a casa
    • Attrezzato per i bambini
    • Menù vegetariano