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Right from the beginning, in 1873, “Concert Noble” has been conceived as a meeting place. First it was restricted to noble men and women and later it became a well cherished gathering place of people of distinction. This is still so today.
An exclusive venue for culture and meetings, Concert Noble also hosts gala parties, balls, seminars, international congresses, concerts and fashion shows. All rooms in Concert Noblre are modular and can be divided up for smaller meetings.
Words can not describe the elegant atmosphere of “Concert Noble”. We invite you to contact us, we will be pleased to show you around.
Edificio team is reactive, polyvalent, closely-knit and multilingual. One of our team members will always be available and ready to support you, from first contact until the last guest leaves. he will work closely with you in the organization of your event, from start to finish.

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580 15 630 260 800 550
400 15 450 180 600 400
180 9 180 80 200 150 3
67 6 0 0 40 0
50 8 30 20 50 30
45 5 35 20 45 30
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