Galler (Université)


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Behind the Galler chocolate factory is a creative artist: Jean Galler was born into a family of dessert makers … He founded his chocolate factory at the age of 21. More than 30 years later, the fundamentals remain the same: a passion for chocolate, a love of perfection and infinite creativity.Today, Jean Galler and his team take pride in their task: to create a chocolate experience that constantly stirs the emotions. Their products are made exclusively from top quality, natural ingredients.Since 1976, Jean Galler has been producing unique, innovative creations in which to rediscover the authentic taste of chocolate. There are few chocolatiers who offer such a wide product range: bars, slabs, pralines, spreads, langues de chat, marzipans,… and flavours: praline, raspberry, coconut, coffee, biscuit,… and many more besides!Open van dinsdag tot zaterdag van 10u tot 19u. Maandag van 14u tot 19u.

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