Hopstreet Gallery

Hopstreet Gallery

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Marie-Paule Grusenmeyer and Pascal Lambrecht are the driving force behind Hopstreet Gallery. Located in Galerie Rivoli, a shopping precinct built in the seventies that houses several galleries spaces, they promote artists that have a common interest in the sculptural and the spatial. They work like archaeologists and are interested both in the physical object and the nature of the meaning of objects. The main gallery space also hosts a box for curated shows or guest artists.
The artists attached to the Hopstreet Gallery include Bas van den Hurk, Davide Bertocchi, Sara Bjarland, Thorsten Brinkmann, Veronica Brovall, Jonathan Callan, Christof Mascher, Egill Sæbjörnsson, Egon Van Herreweghe and Tinus Vermeersch.

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