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BELVUE: meeting room with breathtaking views of the canal and Brussels.

Their advantages:

Breathtaking View of the Canal and Brussels
Extraordinary Terrace
100% Passiv Hotel and daylight

Because daylight is not enough to make a meeting productive, surprise yourself and your guests by a totally unknown vision of Brussels.

Cocktails, Lunches and Dinners...

Your cocktail in our restaurant or on our beautiful terrace...

Superficie Altezza Teatro Scuola Cocktail Buffet interpreti
Strutture per conferenze
RestoCanal 120 3.0 0 0 99 79
Dock 90 3.0 79 59 79 0 3
Superficie (piedi) Superficie (metri) Altezza Porte
Strutture per mostre Larghezza Altezza

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