Jardin Botanique


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This superb terraced site is the perfect example of Brussels’ multicultural identity: an English-style façade on the boulevard, an Italian garden in the centre and French baroque buildings including a rotunda, complete with dome and columns, an orangery and two large lateral greenhouses.

The Botanical Garden is now an urban park sandwiched by the roads of Brussels’ northern quarter. Thanks to its previous life as a working botanical garden it has kept a mixture of styles (French, Italian and English) and a large variety of trees and plants.

Stretching over more than 6 ha, this terraced park was inaugurated in 1829. The uppermost terrace, which lies next to the orangery, has a French geometry.

The middle terrace, in an Italian style, has a star-shaped rose garden and an Iris garden where, from April to June, some 40 varieties of the Brussels-Capital Region’s official flower bloom.

The last section of the garden slopes gently towards the pond along twisting paths. The lawns are dotted with trees and frame the various seating areas.

Facilities :
- Benches
- Playground
- Multi-purpose sports pitch

As these facilities are found outside of the fence, they remain open outside of the Botanical garden’s opening hours.

Accessibility :
Due to the Orangerie’s stairs, the garden isn’t accessible to wheelchairs and accessibility buggies via the cultural centre. Visitors with reduced mobility can nevertheless access the garden via the venue’s lower entrances.

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