L'initiation au brassage

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Would you like to learn how to brew ? Thinking about a teambuilding activity for your team or offer a special gift to your friends or your family? Come and create your very own beer at a learning day with our host-brewer.

You will be introduced to brewing techniques and the chemical phenomena involved in the creation of beer, you can choose the type of beer you would like, and take part in its creation in a friendly atmosphere.

You will leave with a basic knowledge of the brewing process and will be able to repeat the experience yourself at home, and you can sample the fruit of your efforts 6-8 weeks after brewing day: your beer bottled, sealed and labeled.

Location: to be agreed according to your needs, or those of the Echappée Bière
Duration: about 8 hours - includes free time slots where you can particpate in working sessions, or activities of your choice such as short session with l'Echappée Bière like beer tasting, initiation to beer pairings, brewing quizzes and challenges and many others.
Timetable: 9:30 to 5:30 p.m. (modular)
Capacity: 15 people
Amount of brewed beer: up to 20 litres (more if necessary)