La Récré : premier "pay per minute" café à Bruxelles

La Récré : premier

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La Récré: Brussels' first pay per minute café

This modern, connected, totally atypical co-working café offers you a simple and efficient concept: you pay for the time and use it freely, as much as you can.

How does it work?

You pay €4 for the first hour and then €0.50 for every following portion of 10 minutes. Included in the price are unlimited hot and cold drinks, fruits and sweet and salty snacks. Fast Wi-Fi, a video projector, printer, scanner, board games and books are available and if you stay for more than 4 hours, the timer stops.

That means that you'll never pay more than €16, even if you stay all day! It's the best place to work while feeling at home and enjoying the buffet. And because it's important to relax now and again, La Récré also has a jacuzzi downstairs, which can be accessed with a subscription.

La Récré regularly host amazing events. You can follow them on various social media networks. The café is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 am to 7 pm.

The advantages:

• A new concept at a reasonable price
• All-you-can-eat buffet, jacuzzi and close to the city centre
• Wi-Fi, video projector, printer, scanner and numerous plug sockets available

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