Le bâtiment Europa

Le bâtiment Europa

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The Europa building is one of Brussels’ most recent and remarkable examples of contemporary architecture. The gigantic cube is made up of 3,750 restored window frames and contains a glass lantern which, at night, is beautifully lit by 374 LED tubes. The Europa building and the Berlaymont, stand together as symbols of two of the three centres of EU decision making. This “House of European member states” with its multi-coloured interior is the headquarters of the European Council and the Council of the European Union and will be where heads of state and minister of the European Union member states meet from now on.

The building’s outer cube is made up of reclaimed window frames from every country of the EU and perfectly represent the diversity (‘United in Diversity’) and workmanship of each member state, as well as showing a will to promote sustainability. Thanks to the use of rainwater, the installation of solar panels covering the whole surface of the building and the optimising of the outer cube’s structure earned the Europa building a Valideo certificate for high environmental quality. The inner lantern, built in a shape that was necessary to alleviate the pressure and weight on the ground and metro tunnels below, contains meeting rooms and press rooms.

Belgian artist Georges Meurand designed the sparkling, colourful interior which includes a chessboard motif that runs throughout the building, on the walls, doors, lifts, ceilings and floors. The motif is designed to include the colours found in the flags of all 28 member states.

Moreover, the design integrates the fabulous Art Deco Résidence Palace, created by architect Michel Polak and built between 1922 and 1927.

The building is only open to visitors once a year, on Europe Day.