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For over 5 years, the site of Tour & Taxis has been the reference point for all your events in Brussels. One of the famous buildings on the site, the Sheds, were built in the beginning of 20th century and were used for merchandise in transit coming from the Belgian colonies. Today, with various areas totalling more than 17,000 m2, the Sheds offer a multitude of configurations for all the events you can imagine. Along with unloading bays and a private car park, this spot enjoys an enviable location in the European capital with more than 3,000 beds within walking distance. BRAFA (Brussels Art Fair), Foire du livre, Japan Expo and Entreprendre / ondernemen are just some of the prestigious events, which take place within the exceptional architecture of this site. In 2013, Tour & Taxis welcomed more than 500,000 visitors...Are you ready to make your exhibition into a more fabulous and unforgettable event?

Superficie Altezza Teatro Scuola Cocktail Buffet interpreti
Strutture per conferenze
5348 13 6000 4000 4000 2500
5030 13 6000 4000 4000 2500
3928 13 4000 2500 2500 1500
3116 14 4000 2500 2500 1500
Superficie (piedi) Superficie (metri) Altezza Porte
Strutture per mostre Larghezza Altezza
187399 17410 13 2.36 2.64

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