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Macadam Gallery Macadam Gallery Macadam Gallery Macadam Gallery Macadam Gallery

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Formerly situated within the workshop of photographer Damien Gard, the MACADAM GALLERY project has now moved to an all-new space.


The project now occupies it's own 160m2 gallery in the heart of the well-known old working-class district of Brussels: the Marolles, just opposite the Place du Jeu de Balle.


The MACADAM GALLERY is aimed at supporting, promoting and sponsoring contemporary arts and artists, both Belgian and International, helping artists achieve higher visibility. The MACADAM GALLERY is conceived as more then just an exhibition area. The new space aims to provide artists, members and visitors with a welcoming and stimulating environment in which to confront and share their cultural and artistic thoughts. To this end, the gallery will host a series of lectures, seminars and exchanges about multidisciplinary arts in their actual expression.


The MACDAM also hosts the "MAC LIB" space, private library of MACADAM and possibly one of the finest private Art book collection in the country! Members of the MACDAM and costumers of the gallery may freely consult the extraordinary collection of works while enjoying a selection of hot and cold drinks such as tea, great espresso and delicious fruit juices from the in house café.


Under the name of MACADAM PROJECT, this new space will also propose a series of socio-cultural events such as festival, concerts and live performances, as well as different kinds of workshops, promoting and supporting different artistic practices and targeting a diverse audience.


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