Maison B

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Maison b is a restaurant, hidden away in the shadows of the international hustle and bustle on Jourdan square in Etterbeek.
It is run by an unusual duo that has given the place a soul and a personality lacking in so many other restaurants.
The Chef, Lulu, is a rather idiosyncratic individual who loves a challenge.
Maison b has a menu changing each week with a choice of 4 starters and for 4 dishes, but it can be much more fun and unexpected to leave everything to the Chef's inspiration, completely surrending to a freestyle experience or with your preferences.

Chef Lulu wants to surprise his customers and never serves two identical dishes.
If you would like to learn something about how it’s done or you just enjoy yapping about food,
you can book a place at the counter beside the kitchen.

Beautifully served and accompanied by a detailed commentary, each plate aims to be
a tasty combination of flavours.

Closed: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Saturday noon

Informazioni pratiche

  • Rue Général Leman 36
    1040 Etterbeek
  • Cucine:
    • Internazionale
    • Approvvigionamento dal mercato
    • Stagionale
  • Alloggi:
    • Saletta privata
    • Ristorante - sala da ballo
    • Musica dal vivo
    • Cucina familiare
    • Cibo da asporto
    • Wi-fi
    • Seminario di cucina
    • Catering a casa
    • Attrezzato per i bambini
    • Conferenza
    • Menù vegetariano
  • Valutazioni:
    • Valutazione