Maison-Musée René Magritte

Maison-Musée René Magritte

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The René Magritte Museum is situated in the house where the famous, surrealist artist lived and worked for 24 years (1930-54). Magritte lived on the ground floor and built in the back of the garden Studio Dongo, where he executed designs for publicity work. He painted most of the time in the living room annex atelier. In that room he would produce more or less half the amount of his paintings and gouaches.
The headquarters of the Belgian Surrealists was also in the Esseghemstraat 135, where they held their meetings on Saturday evenings and where they organized several tableaux vivants.

In October 2019, a new museum of abstract art will open next door. Both museums will be connected with each other by a door.

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