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Some good reasons to choose Medicongress for the organisation of your next Congress1. ExperienceYou can always contact the chairmen of the congresses mentioned in our extended “list of references”. As most of them have become personal friends in the course of our cooperation, we are confident that you will hear nothing but praise. Medicongress already successfully organised more than 100 congresses in the last nine years.In everything they produce ororganise, the quality level of the Jans­sen-Cilag company is outstanding. Medicongress hereby proudly mentions to be an “organiser of the house” at Janssen-Cilag for major congresses organised all over Euro­pe.2. FlexibilityThere are a lot of important decisions to be taken, mee­tings to be convened, documents to be signed, etc...So the flexibility of the PCO is a major advan­tage for the organiser.The fact that our offices are connected with our private house, offers this opportunity of flexibility and proves our commitment to your Congress.As the organisation of aninternational Congress takes several years of preparation, a perfect collaboration between the Congress Organiser and the Scientific & Organising Committees is essential. So you better choose your PCO not only on aprice offer but also on a personal basis as you are going to be “married” for a couple of years.3. MentalityMedicongress does not want to be the biggest congress orga­ni­ser in Europe with many staff members and eye-catchingoffices. We only want to work on the highest professional level and we want to find personal satisfacti­on in our work.We will only accept to organise a congress when we are really a­v­a­i­l­a­ble on the moment the congress is scheduled.4. Financial occupationOrganising a congress also means managing huge budgets. Medicongress is a stable company that has full support from the banks it works with. This is just one of the basic arguments in the choice for Medicongress.5. StaffOur staff is highly experienced in the organisation of scien­tific congresses. Staff members, graduated in hotel management and tourism, are responsi­ble for the administration and registration department and a full-time interpreter ta­kes care of all organisatio­nal aspects and printed matter. Additional free lance collaborators experienced in congress organisation complete the team.And last but not least we have the Flemish mentality of hard workers who are only satisfied when the client is satisfied too. Your Congress becomes our “child” and most of our “clients” become real friends. It is not by coincidence that Mr. Robays, chairman of the European Congress on Pharmaco Economics once said: “the best decision we took was the choice of our Congress Organiser”.

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