Midi Station (Lounge Brasserie)

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Thousands of travellers, onlookers, tourists, visitors, Belgians or people from Brussels, Flemish and Walloons now have a reference point for all their gatherings. The Midi Station, an eclectic location which spans over 2000 M² right next door to the Thalys and Eurostar.


Midi Station is diverse and unmatched : a secure underground car park is available to hundreds of cars. Come out of the elevator and head towards the centre of the yellow colored building sheltering your car.


After the covered and heated terrasse, a luminous table several meters long mounted with giant pots awaits your arrival.


Open spaces, 6 meter tall birches, Mediterranean grease plants, brewery, bar, cigar lounge, private lounges, centralised dance floor equipped with the latest DJ and VJ gear, "comfy" chairs in which to relax, luminous tables on which you can sign contracts, scarps to read the paper or check your messages, scientific acoustics, pure sound, stupendous commodities, mezzanines, winter garden, conference rooms for business or private events.


So where can you find us? In Brussels yes, but in a location that most capitals will

covet since they can only offer the standard Station snackbar to their visitors.

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